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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support the collection of Indigenous, local, and traditional knowledge (ILTK) and scientific information to empower holistic, ecosystem- and community-centered natural resource management and decision-making at multiple levels.


 A tool for recording and communicating significant environmental and ecological events in order to empower remote communities dealing with the effects of climate change.

A platform that enables ecological data collection in a standardized way based on tested protocols while also being rooted in Indigenous and traditional knowledge, to produce credible and actionable insights that address needs and priorities that are as varied and diverse as the communities that are part of the Indigenous Sentinels Network.

Key Environmental Monitoring Issues ISN Addresses:

Data reliability and quality control mechanisms for community-based monitoring

Accessible and easy-to-use tools for communities to gather environmental and biological data.

Data sovereignty and community ownership of information (proprietary, sensitive, confidential)

Data at local and regional scales that can be collected in a coordinated manner and aggregated from multiple communities.


Our Vision

To create a scalable, multi-tenant platform that enables flexible collection of reliable ecological and environmental data for a range of species and projects so that communities can adapt monitoring programs to their own community needs and stewardship efforts of their environment, economy, and culture. 

ISN incentivizes and scales the sustained use of data collection tools by Tribes and First Nations, NGOs, and state and federal agencies; thereby empowering deeper understanding that leads to actionable insights for decision-making at multiple levels (local to international).

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