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Meet The Team


Lauren Divine

Director of ECO at Aleut Community of St. Paul Island

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Bruce Robson

ISN Technical Director at Community and Ecology Resources, LLC.


Hannah-Marie Garcia

ISN Coordinator at Aleut Community of St. Paul Island


Aaron Poe

Network Program Officer, Northern Latitudes Partnerships, Alaska Conservation Foundation

Partners, Funders, and Collaborators

Qaĝalaq ~ Thank you!  
to previous and present collaborators: 

  • St. Paul and St. George Islands

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Climate Resilience

  • Environmental Protection Agency GAP program

  • National Parks Service Beringia Program 

  • NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

  • North Pacific Research Board

  • Pribilof School District

  • USFWS Tribal Wildlife Grant Program

  • National Resource Conservation Service USDA

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